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This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

Digital Soup by CFandM
#13253. Create an interesting look to your image by dropping it into the soup. Just choose to create a new image and then use the Main Image setting to load your image. Works best with an image with a transparent background. Keywords: digital, effect, photoshop, movement,. Controls: Main Image, Background, Color A, Color B, Image Scale, Image Offset X, Image Offset Y, Image Glow, Lines Scale, Lines Offset Left, Lines Offset Right

This filter requires Filter Forge 6.0

Expression Square 2 by CFandM
#14336. Expression Square is the place to gather when you want to start living in the abstract. Choose your backgrounds color then use the variation slider to change the backgrounds abstract style..... Now load a transparent image and adjust its properties for even more of an abstract look. Keywords: abstract, square, texture, expressionism, wall, art. Controls: Background Color 1, Background Color 2, Background Color 3, Background Color 4, Background Density, Image, Image Density, Image Amount..

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

Sea Scrolls by CFandM
#11851. A different type of swirl generator that not only produces swirls but also wraps colors around those swirls....This gives a unique color to each swirl..... When using a high repeat rate use a low Iterations.... Using the higher values of Iterations does slow down the final render but gives a nice textured look to the image.... Keywords: swirl, golden ratio, loop, art, deco, pattern, texture. Controls: Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Color 4, Color 5, Pattern Repeat, Swirl Iterations..

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

Scorpion Tree Designer by CFandM
#12993. This filter started life as a simple fractal experiment...It now has become an experiment in design...Taken a bit from my "Heart Plant" filter this has now become a filter ala abstract.... To use this filter just select a preset and then use the "Design Rotation" for the look of the whole design....Now use the "Branch Rotation" to move the branches into a different pattern and design...Careful not to move these too much it only takes a little bit... Keywords:..
Cemetery Fence by CFandM
#8274. Cemetery Fences are used for primarily two things. To keep out the living or to keep in the dead. Which one you choose to use these designs for is up to you.... Snippet used.. Any Angle Rotate by Uberzev Special thanks to Targos for the Ideal..:>) IMPORTANT NOTE.... I have designed the fence at a set size so when using this filter the Size, pixels slider will create anomalies with the design so its best not to use this option....The results are not so good.. Keywords:..
Cross Weave by ronviers
... the components for the bump map in case anyone needs it. Very special thanks to Genie for giving the filter new direction, to Betis for getting it back on course and Craig as always for creative and technical advice. Very special thanks also to CFandM for the cute method this filter uses to control lighting. Keywords: basket textile rugs hemp yarn weave sisal. Controls: Color Vertical, Color Horizontal, Contrast, Wavyness, Grain Vertical, Grain Horizontal, Shape Vertical, Shape Horizontal, ...

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

Frugal Fractals by CFandM
#13004. Frugal Fractals creates just that, fractals...... To use this filter just choose a preset and start exploring using the zoom and pan controls.... To get real close to the fractal extreme zooming is needed so check the controls and their settings for more on this..... With the extreme zooming use the pan slowly in little incements....Typing values at that point pans you around much slower and the fractal will not go out of view.... I have included some presets 13 and 14 to..
Lipstick Kiss by Carl
.... A very big thanks to Kraellin's " Perfect Arc " and Uberzev's "Any Angle Rotate" snippets which now live in this filter. A special thanks to Crapadilla for his samples and encouragement along with Craig, Steve, Ahimsa, CFandM and Biomechanic, a big Lipstick Kiss to you all. Keywords: Lips kiss Lipstick mouth avatar smile face skin curve shine anatomy body medical biological nature flesh human character arc pattern pink gloss marks. Controls: Smile, Pucker Up, Lips Angle,...

This filter requires Filter Forge 5.0

Cube Complex BW Version by CFandM
#13445. Welcome to the cube complex! A Escherian nightmare as well as a bit of fun with cubes, loops and the new bomber plus. Thanks to Kochubey for the cube method... HOW TO:..... Choose new image with a transparent background. Use the Background in the settings to set the backgrounds color... Settings marked with Cube affect the cubes themselves. Settings marked Design affect the entire structure. Image and Profile affect the shape of the structure. Use the marked checkbox..

This filter requires Filter Forge 3.0

Alphabet Texture Creator Extended Seamless by SpaceRay
... E 2 - F G H I J 3 - K L M N O 4 - P Q R S T 5 - U V Y X Z I must give a very big thanks to ThreeDee and his excellent letters from TD Europa Sans Caps Proc Font, Skybase and his Gradient Circles, and also CFandM and his Shape of Things. Keywords: font, stripes, letter, type, alphabet, mask, masking, alpha, artistic, text, typography, color, texture, image, photo, typographic, art, seamless. Controls: ––––––, –-MAIN CONTROLS –-, ––––––-, Main ...

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

Abstract Dreams 2 by CFandM
#12727. Create your own abstract dream and colorful backgrounds with this filter.... Keywords: dreams, abstract, backgrounds, patterns, art, cfandm, colorful. Controls: Dream Distortion, Color Lightness, Color Saturation, Color Cycle, Variation
HDRI Image Enhancement by CFandM
#5040. A very simple to operate filter for adding HDRI light to any image or photo. Keywords: HDRI, image, enhancement, photo, cfandm. Controls: Grey Level, Grey Level Threshold, Mid-Tone Tweak

This filter requires Filter Forge 2.0

Simpley Swirl by CFandM
... swirl filter yet with only four components. With the addition of support for non-square images in FF2 this snippet uses those new components to produce swirls at non-square sizes with ease and at a quick speed... Keywords: swirl, snippet, golden ratio, cfandm. Controls: Size, Spin
Abstract Dreams by CFandM
#6477. Create your own abstract dream and colorful backgrounds with this filter. Cycle through the different colors and choose your nightmare and your dream state. Keywords: dreams, abstract, backgrounds, patterns, art, cfandm, colorful. Controls: Abstract Distortion, Abstraction Style, Color Cycle, Color Lightness, Color Saturation, Dream, Nightmare
More Advanced Text by CFandM
... faster rendering than the previous version. I tried to put the processes in sections for easier veiwing. I also put some notes with the letter F in Filter. This method is also good for making other shapes as well. Keywords: text, numbers, cfandm. Controls: Metallic
ColorCode3-D Standard by CFandM
... 3-D Standard is a filter for creating 3-D images from 2 source images. ColorCode 3-D glasses are required for viewing the effect...... See Comments on methods to setting up the images and usage for processing with this filter.. Keywords: anaglyph, cfandm, image, effect, colorcode3d. Controls: Center Main Image, 3D Image Adjust A, 3D Image Adjust B, Fine Tune A, Fine Tune B, Height Amount
Ancient Border by CFandM
#7403. Create wallpaper designs to look like ancient borders and walls. You can use the designs already provided or you can edit the filter and replace the shapes with new shapes for more designs. Keywords: ancient, border, egyptian, wallpaper, design, cfandm. Controls: Leaf Color 1, Leaf Color 2, Leaf Color 3, Shape Size A, Shape Size B, Shape Type A, Shape Type B, Leaf Edges, Number of Leaves
Stone and Wood Panels by CFandM
#6378. Straight from the quarry and lumberyard comes this mix of stone and wood to create panels for your building needs. Simple choose your colors and use the sliders to shape your panels. Keywords: wood, stone, panels, walls, cfandm, quarry. Controls: Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Main Texture Shape, Top Bevel Height, Top Bevel Shape, Top Bevel Style, Bottom Bevel Height, Bottom Bevel Shape, Bottom Bevel Style
Old Frames by CFandM
... your art and old pictures and add a little more class.. This version of Old Frames comes complete with irregular rails. If you have ever glued together a picture frame you know what I mean. This version is for square images only. Keywords: frame, cfandm, picture, design, art. Controls: Frame Style, Moulding Profile, Inside Width, Outside Width
Insect Metal Abstract by CFandM
... filter. Use them for anything that you can imagine from desktop wallpapers to skins for bug-like creatures or even in graphic images for background... Thanks to byRo and Uber for the Un-Spherify techniques. Keywords: abstract, metal, insect, art, cfandm, graphics, background, desktop, wallpaper. Controls: Abstract Shape A, Abstract Shape B, Abstract Shape C, Spike Count, Base Shape Input, Base Shape Input B, Abstract Type
Copper and Silver Frames by CFandM
... fit your mood... You can even use the image as the outside boarder.. Special thanks to Kraellin for the tweaks to this filter.. Snippets Used: Proportional Gradient from ThreeDee..... Keywords: frame, copper, silver, decorative, cfandm. Controls: Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Image Size, Frame Width, Inside Frame Width, Moulding Amount, Moulding Shape A, Moulding Shape B, Moulding Shape C, Corrosion, Rotate
Anaglyph Standard by CFandM
... used to create both the standard red/blue anaglyphs and the green/magenta type of anaglyphs seen in recent movie releases on dvd... See Comments on methods to setting up the image and usage for processing with this filter.. Keywords: anaglyph, cfandm, image, effect, red, green, magenta, blue, trioscopics, dvd 3d, 3d. Controls: Center Main Image, Height Amount, Effect Adjust A, Effect Adjust B, Fine Tune A, Fine Tune B, Gamma, Red-Blue/Gn Magenta
Old Wood Frames by CFandM
... irregular rails. If you have ever glued together a picture frame you know what I mean. This filter is also an update to the "Old Frames" filter...But now in wood grain and gold leaf... This version is for square images only. Keywords: frame, cfandm, picture, design, art, wood, decroative, gold, gold leaf. Controls: Frame Style, Moulding Profile, Inside Width, Outside Width, Color 2, Color 3, Color 1
Corkboard by CFandM
#1860. A quick and simple texture that resembles corkboard. Keywords: texture, corkboard, surface. Controls: Cork Size, Smooth
OddBalls by CFandM
#868. This filter takes an image and maps it on the oddball shapes. Keywords: ball, shapes, mapping,. Controls: Smooth, Threshold
Tech Circle Designer by CFandM
.... Snippets Used: Radial Repeat by ThreeDee Any Angle Rotate by Uberzev Note: On some designs the rotate element will not cause a big change in the design.. Choose a preset then hit the Next Varient button for more circle fun.... Keywords: cfandm, circle, tech, design, elements, pointers, cursors, icons, logos. Controls: Element Offset, Rotate Element A, Rotate Element B, Element A Shape, Element B Shape, Repeat Element A, Repeat Element B
Leather Stud by CFandM
#5066. A leather texture with embedded metallic studs. Keywords: leather, stud, studded, cloth. Controls: Button Angle, Button Size
Another Radial Gradient by CFandM
#1705. This snippet is a way to create a rainbow radial gradient. Keywords: rainbow, radial, gradient. Controls: Spin
Anaglyph Text by CFandM
... out of the screen.... The farther back you stand the better the effect will look... Special thanks to ThreeDee for the Proportional Gradient snippet that is used for the height map.... Keywords: anaglyph, colorcode, trioscopics, 3d, text, cfandm, phantograms. Controls: Depth, Height, R/B-Gn/Magen-Blu/Yel, Invert Height Map, Ver/Hor Height Map
Square Distort by CFandM
#931. This filter takes an image and distorts it into squares. Keywords: distort, squares, textured. Controls: Distort 1, Distort 2, Distort 3, Distort Amount
Swirls and Abstracts ChromaDepth3D Edition by CFandM
... Level A-B: Repeats the pattern in the swirls and abstracts.. Swirl and Seed level: Used for the amount of the pattern.. Curl Level: This is the amount of swirl on the main swirl.. Keywords: fractal, patterns, abstract, geometric, swirl, cfandm, chromadepth, 3d. Controls: Shape Level A, Shape Level B, Shape Level C, Color Amount, Repeat Level A, Repeat Level B, Swirl Level, Seed Level, Curl Level, Pattern Shape, Pattern Magnify, Pattern Type A, Pattern Type B, Pattern Type C
Perception Frame by CFandM
#4911. This snippet is a method for skewing the frame component to give it a perceptive depth. Keywords: snippet, frame, warp, perception, perceptive. Controls: Move Frame, Perspective, Rotate
Basic Soft Light Control by CFandM
#1130. This snippet is a method for controlling soft light and direction of the light on a 3d object. Keywords: light, 3d object, snippet. Controls: Rotate, Brightness, Darkness
The Beast by Kraellin
... paint program for more masking to allow features of your image to show. The filter also borrowed other filters made by other folks. "Brain Jelly Cuisine" by Ionic69, "Exposed Flesh" by Joe Brandibas, "Alien Armor" by CFandM, and "Alien Egg Cluster" by RawArt, were all used in some manner. No actual people or monsters were hurt or injured in the making of this filter. Keywords: Craig Kraellin Walters alien monster skin brain jelly cuisine ionic69 exposed ...

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

Curve to Loop by CFandM
#12420. A quick method to convert a curve to shape but now in a loop. Keywords: curve, shape, line, snippet, loop. Controls: Iterations, Curve Height, Profile

Search results 1 - 35 of 277
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