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No Code by Mike Blackney

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Vladimir Golovin
Posts: 3316
Filters: 55
No Code by Mike Blackney

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Vladimir Golovin
Posts: 3316
Filters: 55
Mike, the filter is excellent, but what does the name mean? smile:D
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not uberfez

Posts: 1870
Filters: 36
Looks like a reference to the pearl jam album...

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Mike Blackney

Posts: 372
Filters: 56
uber, you're right smile:) The filter was inspired by the album cover (and all of those wall posters of a big picture made up of little images) so the title is an homage.
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Miss Congeniality

Posts: 225
Filters: 12
The last preset in No Code looks like a mosaic...if we could find a way to blend that with my Mosaic filter, I think we might have a more convincing mosaic filter! smile:D

Nice work!
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