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The Door to Tomorrow Project

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Hello FilterForge Forum! So I've been working on a thesis shortfilm I titled "The Door to Tomorrow" and just a little promo for myself and the artists who worked on this film, I thought I'd make a separate post just for this.

You can watch the trailer here:The Door to Tomorrow Trailer 2

The backgrounds of this film were produced fully in Autodesk Maya and E-On Vue 9.5, they were textured using FilterForge 3 and Adobe Photoshop, and rendered using MentalRay, Octane Renderer, and Indigo RT. (The reason why is because... I just wanted to experiment with all of them smile:) Just for fun.) Once the renders were complete, I took them into Photoshop, did a ton of post work and painted them right over using Synthetik Studio Artist 4.

FilterForge helped really add the details into the shots. smile;) Just for credit purposes I'll make a list of all the filters I used. I think it's important to credit the authors and I'd like to in my film if anybody minds about that or not. So far the author list looks like this...

List of Filters used and their Authors
Broken Warehouse Windows and I Dream in EGA by Mike Blackney
Sand Ripple by Marcello
Metal Grunge by lords8n
Metal by MichaelTannock
Plaster FX by pixel8ted
Grunge General by Yog
BaseMetal by KGtheway2B
Analogue by Emme (Modified a little bit for texture purposes)
Concrete or Damaged by Carl
Aged Wooden Floor by Totte
Drop Ceiling by Jet
Returning Nature by me
several other custom filters made for the project (additional rust generation, grunge, junk, splattering... etc etc)

If in any case this is inaccurate or anything else please note me here: Skybase[at]gmail[dot]com

The animation was done using ToonBoom Animate and depending on animator TV Paint or Flash was used as well, it was composited using Adobe After Effects.

Music was done by Neo.G and me personally using various tools and all sorts of stuff!

The Door to Tomorrow is almost done at this point. The release date is pretty soon but it may be a while before I can post the full version.

Thanks FilterForge!! smile;)
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I should prooobably put some pictures up for your entertainment purposes. The project at this point is pretty much done and the two trailers should serve a kind of "view" into what I've been making. I can't upload the full film just yet for all sorts of reasons.

I posted some of the work earlier on FilterForge forums but just to give you the full coverage of where FilterForge was used... I thought I should populate this post with images instead of just writing words down.

There were some scenes in this film that were first of all just out of place. These are the game scenes where I wanted a somewhat pixel-game sort of thing happening. I'm generally lazy when it comes to doing proper pixel art so I've been relying heavily on the filter: "I Dream in EGA" by Mike Blackney. Yup. Almost every element in these backgrounds = FilterForge. There's some manual work to get edges, lighting, and otherwise right but it's mostly produced using FilterForge.



Ng Chong Han (better known as NCH85; flash animation developer and game asset creator) worked on the animation sequence for these shots. I added the little health meter above later in After Effects.



Next up...

All of the backgrounds in this film were done in 3D. This scene in particular was rendered using Octane (because of its speed and stuff.) There's a good reason why I'm not putting effort into making the 3D look amazing you'll see why in a bit... but either way pretty much every element in this room utilized FilterForge textures (the ugly sofa bump and walls...) The other thing is that if you look closely, the characters have scratch marks. I took Emme's Analoge filter apart for the grime generator. Lovely stuff! Produced some fantastic detail for the characters. Lighting was re-produced using After Effects and a little bit of tinkering helped the look I wanted.


The reason why I didn't care too much about the 3D was because... I just needed reference for painting the scene. The scene was painted using StudioArtist 4 based directly off of the rendered image. The entire film basically looks like this.


More stuff....

The models in this shot belong to others who worked on the film. The textures were totally generated by FilterForge. (Yes I know, I posted this picture like a gajillion times on this forum. I wanna talk a little bit more about what's happening here....


There are tons of models (by Justin Holt and Jason Pries) in this scene but most of it is just repeated structures. I took the opportunity to go and texture stuff crazy mode for these shots.

Here's one of the UV maps textured for the final shot... the details all come fr om layers and layers of FilterForge stuff. Because of the way I wanted the film to look, I took time to detail it but at the same time left most of it to post-lighting and painting.


Each of those shots were rendered using Mentalray with various passes for later-compositing.

There are other shots I want to really show off where you mildly see FilterForge adding the little bits of detail. It's not that obvious when I paint right over it, giving the sort of thick oil paint abstraction.

In this shot below, the floors, walls, and other elements were textured with FilterForge. The 3D environment was produced by Madeline Rabil. They were rendered using Indigo Render due to the heavy poly count of this scene.


Well... I mean I can keep going on shot after shot of just all sorts of places where FilterForge was used. Let's just say for now to top it off here's a scene with JUST a little bit of FilterForge involved. If you guess what it is you win. But let me just say it's so minimal I don't know if it even matters....


The film is 11 minutes and 36 seconds long (will be cut or extended depending on the next couple weeks.) So yeah, short animated piece produced in around 6 or 7 months.

The characters were hand animated by Robyn Stanford. Preproduction and some other elements were produced by Sean Malony.

This has been the longest post I ever made on FilterForge. I hate long posts and I really don't mean to make one but I did want to really show off what happened and how FilterForge became the one production tool I kept on using throughout this entire work. Thanks very very much. I mean it. I don't know wh ere the old FilterForge filter makers went after 2010 or something but anyway this film would have never been possible without those filters.

So forgive me for this super huge post. And thanks for reading all the way through. I know. I love to show off. But I think my friends who worked on this film deserve exposure. smile:)
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Can't script

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Looks great, I love the atmosphere on the last 2 pics.
May I ask what the film is about?
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The quick plot: Arc, the circle, gets one day chosen by god to open a door that leads to tomorrow. So from that day on, Arc, in his dream continues to open a door that allows for days to pass in the world. Though one day, his best friend Apex becomes sick. So sick Apex probably has no chance to survive another day. Arc has to make a decision whether to open the door or not.

It's really also about showing off everything I do. 3D backgrounds, digital / procedural design and painting, tool programming, compositing, sound design, film scoring and orchestration, mastering, mixing, and delivering. smile:D
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