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Who is using FF textures and filters for 3D models and 3D creations ?

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One of the uses that Filter Forge have as shown on the main FF website homepage is materials and textures for 3D models for making your own 3D creations, as you can see below in the screenshot.

I know there are some FF users that make 3D from FF textures as I have seen it in this forum on some threads.

I want to start this thread to know who in this forum is using FF textures and filters for 3D models and 3D creations ? For hobby or for business.

How you are using it, and what software you are using?


I would like also that we could share some advice on how to get the most benefit from FF textures and filters oriented to making 3D creations on 3D softwares.

Also be of help to others that want to use FF for 3D but do not know how to do it


In this moment I do not do any kind of 3D works yet, but I have begun learning some time ago.

As far as I know for 3D is not needed huge high resolutions as for printing so the main point of slowness of FF when making high resolutions is avoided and so is much better and would be more pleasure to use it.


I have also made another thread that is linked to this one

List of 3D Rendering Engines available for 3D software compatibles

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Presently I am using Blender to make models and objects for SecondLife (2nd Life). In 2nd Life you can make 3D objects too and texture them. 2nd Life has a problem displaying Gold textures in objects like jewelry. I keep browsing the Library to test Gold Textures to see if they show up good in 2nd Life. So far, none does. Hoping someone would develop one. Now, the reason why Textures are important in 2nd Life. Simply because you can sell them for Linden Dollars and then take your Linden Dollars out of the game in the form of real U.S. Dollars. People are making a lot of money there. Quite a few Millionaires came out of that game. 2nd Life is capitalism gone wild, everything is for sale.

Ok, Blender is one Exotic Free 3D Modeling program. There are numerous other free ones. Blender is a lot more than a Object Modeler. WWW.Blender.org. It's learning curve is out of sight.
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Can't script

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Learning Blender 3D is really easy. If you're a 3D Studio MAX or Maya expert, that is smile:D
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I am ... smile:)

Me and My Computer, well Computer(s), thats if I include the render nodes..
LIghtWave, and 3DMax

Been Building a Star Wars ISD, and SSD Destroyer, and When I started to do the Greebles and Nurnies, I started tinkering with the FF3 Demo, and was Hooked on FF3.

So When I get the UV Maps setup I will post a few Pic's..Star Wars 3D Model WIP
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