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Preview colors incorrect for non sRGB profiles

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Pawel Kors
Posts: 2
I am a professional photographer and work with 16 bit ProPhoto and 8 bit AdobeRGB image data exclusively. I noticed, that unless the source image is in 8bit sRGB mode, the preview colors are wrong (compared to image displayed by photoshop while the Filter Forge dialog is up). I checked the option to see the original image, so it is not due to a specific filter changing the colors.

This tool has a great potential due to its ease of use and configurability but unless it shows the preview of the image correctly for all colour modes, i cannot use it in a professional workflow.
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Pawel Kors
Posts: 2
PS I tested this using Photoshop CS2 on Windows XP and Windows VISTA with same results.
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Vladimir Golovin
Posts: 3314
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Yes, this is a known issue -- the current version of Filter Forge doesn't support ICC color profiles and uses sRGB for all internal color computations. The support for both display and document color profiles is already scheduled for the next version.

We'll certainly implement ICC for display, images loaded from Photoshop, images loaded from external files, and images transferred back to Photoshop. What I'm not sure about is whether we implement the ICC support for files saved via the File > Save command -- maybe we'll postpone this until v3.0.
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