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Rendering takes forever and I can't cancel it.

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I'm rendering a fairly large layer (4k * 6k )in FilterForge 2
Now I understand that it can take some time and that this time depends on the filter used, which are at least partly user generated content. But right now the slow speed is a major hindrance for a useable workflow. smile:(
In the end I'll have to render at half or a quarter of the original size and scale up the outcome, but that's not ideal either, of course. As is rendering over night.

But what's bugging me right now is that I can't switch back to Photoshop or Filterforge while rendering. I switched tasks at the beginning and can't go back now. Neither with tab, neither with the Taskmanager (WinXP). I can't cancel it, I can't save my PS File, I can't even see how far it got or how long it might take fr om here. (And it's been runnning for about an hour now! Taskmanager/cores look like it is rendering. )


Can I kill the Filterforge process without affecting Photoshop?


Ok, could kill the process without affecting Photoshop. Phew!

Emmes (awesome!) sketchy painting filter really seems to cause a problem with big resolutions as he pointed out in another thread I found.
Still filterforge should somehow give the user the possibility to see what's going on and to cancel the process at any point in time.
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Filter Optimizer

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I've had several crashes / lost photoshop sessions when running FF as plugin with big renderings, so now I always run FF as application and not as plugin. I simply export a png or tiff and let FF process in background so I can continue work in PS.

You could post the filters that cause problems - there is a good chance that something can be optimized / changed slightly so it runs better with large renders. IIRC Emmes sketchy painting uses a lot of bitmap based components - they don't go well in hand with large renderings because of the large memory allocations.
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Filter Forge, Inc
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Nebukadnezar wrote:
I can't switch back to Photoshop or Filterforge while rendering.

It is the intended behavior. I can suggest you run Filter Forge in the stand-alone mode for complex renders.
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<-- Sorry about the change of name, I somehow messed up my login.

Thank you both for your help, I'll try the standalone version then. smile:)

@GMM: My problem in this case was, that after changing Windows tasks (like for reading this forums ) I couldn't switch back to PS or Filterforge AT ALL. Perhaps it did switch, but visually nothing would happen. No image, no rendering progress bar, no chance to cancel. All I could do was to use the taskmanager to guess from the outside what was going on and eventually kill the FF process. This clearly must not happen, even if it is caused by the filter like in this case. (So my first assumption was probably wrong, FF wasn't rendering but hanging.)
At all times I should be able to switch back (and I don't mean being able to continue to work in this case, but simply get the application maximized and get a feedback from FF what is going on right now) and be able to cancel it.
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What Windows version do you use?
In such cases the 'Show desktop' command (Win+D) usually helps.
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I use Windows XP. And I'm quite certain that I changed to the desktop in those 2 hours. smile;) But I'll keep it in mind, thx.
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try working on a dummy file and start rendering in filterforge with such huge dimensions.
and now try killing Filterforge from task manager
u will come to know it affects photosoh or not
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