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Could not complete the command because of a program error.

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Opening Filter Forge has become totally hit or miss. Well, mostly miss. Along with the title comment, I get this error: <XFW::ArgumentError> Invalid host image channel format 1918989871.

I'm on Mac 10.6.4 with CS5, opening in 32 bit mode on 8 bit RGB color jpgs or psds.

Filter Forge opens about 1 try out of 30. I just updated it again this past week thanks to a note from support after a bug report, but it didn't fix the problem.

Any ideas? I turned off CS live, thinking that would help. Not sure it did.
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Posts: 38
Still no luck! I see I'm not the only one.

This is the note I got from FF:

Thank you for the report. It is a known issue with CS5, we'll try to solve it when we officially announce support for CS5.
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Has this problem been solved? I'm experiencing the same problem? Thanks
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