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The Unofficial Feature Wishlist is compiled from threads in the feature request forum. This list highlights open feature requests (i.e. those not implemented yet), especially those that the FF team has commented or acted on. A 'feature assessment by FF team' is added in parenthesis behind each feature request, if possible. Most entries have been 'clickified' to guide you to the relevant discussion threads. Note that this is an unofficial feature wishlist -- 'The ListTM' - as it is known on the forums - remains undisclosed.

Features that are not planned or have been officially shot down are color-coded in red.
[2.0][3.0][4.0][5.0] Features that have been partially realized in the current version are color-coded in yellow.
[2.0][3.0][4.0][5.0][6.0] Features that have been realized in the current version are greyed and stroked out.
[7.0] Features that are confirmed for the next major release are color-coded in green.
[Lua] Component feature requests that have been 'implemented' by the FF community via Lua script solutions are color-coded in sky blue.

Contributors are welcome! If you find that your feature request is missing, please feel free to add it to the list.
While doing so, be sure to adhere to the formatting already set forth, keep it succinct and provide links to the relevant forum threads!


Here are some general quotes on feature requests, to introduce you to some Filter Forge design philosophy...

"Any operation that is not unique for Filter Forge and can be done with other tools automatically gets a lower priority on our to-do list."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"We prefer to spend our resources on adding things that cannot be done in other software, rather than reinventing the wheel by adding stuff that can be done with thousands of other programs, many of them free."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."
-- William of Ockham
"I don't like to think in terms of 'features' -- I usually concentrate on systems that make features possible. Systems are the core, features are a byproduct."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"People will always want more, even when they already have what they ask."
-- Vladimir Golovin



.8bf Compilation

"We cannot allow creating .8bf files from separate filters because this would mean that anyone could download all filters from the Library, compile .8bfs of them, sell them and ruin us. Also, we would have to pack the HDRI lighting environments into every 8bf, which would increase its size to at least 12 Mb; and we cannot do it anyway because the HDRIs are licensed from Sachform and we cannot distribute them except as part of Filter Forge."
-- Bella Beygelman, Filter Forge Inc.
  • Compile .8bf files from FF filters. (Not planned) [1][2][3]


"Actually, 64-bitness doesn't bring any speedups other than those that might result from being able to address more memory."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Filter Forge never uses more than 1500 MB of memory so it won't benefit much from the 64-bit mode."
-- GMM
"We're using a very old Adobe Photoshop SDK (for host compatibility and legal reasons), and recompiling it for 64-bitness may turn out to be problematic or impossible."
-- Vladimir Golovin


"A more practical solution [than native animation capability] would be to make Filter Forge work as a plugin for After Effects / Shake / Digital Fusion."
-- Vladimir Golovin
  • Animation capability. (Often requested, but unlikely. Compositing-system plug-in preferred!) [9][10][11]

Batch Render

  • [1.0] Simple keyframing & Batch render. (Command-line batch render is available, but it does not support keyframing) [12]


  • Filter performance evaluation functionality. (?) [13]

CPU/Core Usage

  • Ability to specify the number of cores to be used by FF. (Unlikely) [14]

File Formats

  • .HDR support. (Planned, low priority) [15]

Host Program Support

  • Support for GIMP (Not planned) [16]
"We can't possibly add GIMP until it supports the 8BF standard."
-- GMM

Locking Filters

  • Option to lock filters from editing. (Very Unlikely) [17][18]

Meta Data

  • Save filter info to output file metadata (filter name, preset number). (?) [19]


  • Spline/Vector paint. (Not planned) [20][21]

Particles [See Bomber under Pattern components]


  • 3D application plug-in (3dsmax/maya/xsi/cinema4d/...). (Considered for future releases) [22][23][24][25][26][27]
  • OpenFX standard conforming plugin for compositing systems. (?) [28]
  • Compositing application plug-in (After Effects/combustion/...). (Considered) [29][30]

Photoshop Integration

  • Support for more than one PS layer. (Not supported in Adobe Photoshop SDK v6.0, which is used for compatability) [31][32]

Preview Images

  • [3.0] More preview images. (FF3 introduces a variety of new preview images, but further improvements in this area are likely). [33][34]
  • Rasterized Text preview image. (?) [35]


"We considered an API / SDK, but I don't think we'll see this anytime soon. We also considered a component for scripting with a built-in Javascript or a similar language -- and personally I like this idea better than the SDK."
-- Vladimir Golovin
  • SDK for coding components. (Not planned; LUA scripting support in 2.0) [36][37]

Vector Support

"Vectors would involve a new kind of components (with brand-new color!) which requires propagating the support for vectors across the entire infrastructure (renderer, GUI, preview, files, filter library, website etc etc.) That's a lot of work, so I can safely say that vectors [...] won't be included in v2.0."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Regarding the font feature -- technically, fonts are a special case of vectors, and in order to implement fonts we'll have to implement vectors first. Which means loading them from PSDs (via the plugin interface, which probably means getting a newer SDK, which has a scary license agreement) and AIs (probably the same story with the AI SDK)."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Vectors would integrate perfectly well into Filter Forge's rendering model. The SVG support is on our feature list for FF4.0, but we're already investigating it on low priority."
-- Vladimir Golovin


  • Option to semi-transparently watermark rendered images from inside FF. (?) [43]


  • Faster Load/Startup. (?) [44]
  • Random filter generation. (Not planned) [45]


3D Preview

  • OpenGL/DirectX preview window showing combined filter maps on a 3D sphere/cube. (Considered, low priority) [46]


GPU-based Rendering / Acceleration

"[...] we prefer CPU-based scaling with number of processors instead of GPU-based optimizations, which in turn bring a lot of compatibility problems (known very good to game developers) -- multicore CPUs are becoming commodity hardware, while high-end 3D accelerators supporting latest-and-greatest shaders are not."
-- onyXMaster
"We investigated a CUDA port (we talked with nVidians and received with a pre-release CUDA card from them) but unfortunately our code doesn't lend itself well to the CUDA approach."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"After some research and prototyping we decided to skip the nVidia architecture (mostly because the existing FF code doesn't lend itself well to such ports), but a naive Larrabee port seemed perfectly plausible. Now that Larrabee is canceled by Intel, we don't have any GPU plans at least for 2010."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"FF won't have any CUDA/GPU based acceleration, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of x86-based acceleration. Intel's "Knight's Ferry" architecture definitely looks promising."
-- Vladimir Golovin

HDRI Pipeline

  • [2.0] Unclamped float pipeline. (Full HDR support in 2.0) [59]
  • HDR support for all remaining "hdrizable" components. (?) [60]

HDRI Import

  • Utilize multiple CPU cores. (Planned, low priority) [61]

Lighting & Shadows

  • [2.0] Direct Lighting (phong-based multiple point lighting). (Point/Area lights in 2.0) [62][63][64][65]
  • [2.0] Shadows via Ambient Occlusion.[66]
  • Hard Shadows. (Unlikely; very expensive to render; Ambient occlusion implented in 2.0) [67]
  • Point Light Intensity control. (?) [68]

Multiple Image Support

  • [3.0] Ability to load more than one source image into a filter. (Multiple Image support in FF 3.0) [69][70]

New Filter Types [ note that currently there are 'Simple' and 'Surface' type filters! ]

  • Hair/Fur filter type. (Planned, low priority) [71]
  • Toon filter type. (Unlikely) [72]

Post-Processing Effects

  • Glow (via Emission Map Input on Result Component). (Planned) [73][74][75]
  • Self-Illumination. (Planned) [76][77]

Preset Rendering

  • Re-render presets only after image-changing edits. (?) [78]


  • Basic color correction tools (brightness, exposure, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness) on main UI. (?). [79]
  • [3.0] Multi-pass rendering. (Progressive previews in FF 3.0)
  • Render history. (?) [80]
  • Render region. (Considered) [81][82]
  • Single Channel Display Hotkey Toggles (only R or G or B or A). [83]

Render Maps

  • Transparency map (Inverted Alpha). (Considered) [84]
  • Self-Illumination map. (Planned) [85][86]
  • Render Maps automation. (?) [87]
  • [7.0] Export/save multiple render maps at once. [88][89]
  • Custom Render Maps/Outputs. (Considered) [90]
  • [7.0] Tabbed Views for Render Maps. [91]

Seamless & Non-Seamless Tiling

  • Locking texture edges for producing tile-sets. (?) [92][93]
  • [2.0] Support for non-seamless filters. [94][95][96][97][98]
  • One-way seamless tiling: allow a texture to tile in the X direction without tiling in the Y direction. [99]


  • Isometric Renderer. (Not planned) [100]
  • Seamless texture generation based on an UV map. (?)


General UI


  • Dark neutral grey color palette for the UI. (?) [101]

Flexible UI & Resizable Panels

  • [3.0] Collapse Filter browser to make room for Filter controls. (Resizable UI panels feature in FF3.0) [102]
  • Filter thumbnails should redistribute to properly fill screen real-estate when Filter Browser panel is resized. (?) [103]


  • Undo/Redo for the Main program window! (Planned) [104]
  • Eyedropper functionality for color pickers. (?) [105][106]
  • Eyedropper showing sample coordinates (X,Y) (?) [107]
  • Numeric entry fields should show more digits. (Planned) [108]
  • Numeric entry fields should support basic arithmetic operations. (Not planned) [109]
  • Numeric entry fields should allow for increasing/decreasing numbers using keys. (?) [110]

Image Loading

  • Drag & Drop images into the filter preview window as a fast way to 'open image'. (Planned) [111]
  • Revert to default image (i.e. the lifesaver) option. (Planned) [112][113]
  • Display filename of currently loaded image. (Planned) [114]
  • Display full-length filename of image loaded into color control. [115]
  • User-defined presets for 'File > New Image' (such as image size, bg color, alpha, etc). (?) [116]

Filter Browser / Filter Manager

"Filter organization (tagging, folders etc.) will be a top priority in FF4.0."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"[...] this is a rather complex issue involving redesign of the online library inner structure, offline filter storage and user interface."
-- GMM

Filter History

  • [4.0] New Filter category: Last Used Filters. (FF4 now has a Filter History) [117]

Filter Storage

  • [4.0] Customizable 'MyFilters' category including sub-folders. [118][119][120][121]
  • [4.0] Set location of 'MyFilters' folder. [122]


  • [4.0] Improve organization of filters (tagging, folders, etc). (Filter organization has been vastly improved in FF4. Still no tagging though.) [123][124][125][126]
  • Organize filter browsing in tabs: "Library Filters", "My Filters", "Favorites", "Search Results". (?) [127]
  • [4.0] Allow folders in Favorites category. (Customizable Favorites folders in FF4) [128]



  • Background preparation of thumbnails. (?) [131]


  • Option to mark all newly downloaded filters as 'viewed' in both the "Download New Filters" and the FF main windows. (?) [132]
  • Personal Usage stat. (?) [133][134]
  • Rename/Prefix filters that are removed from the filter library and moved to 'My Filters'. (?) [135]

Filter Controls


  • Easy control reset (to default/preset value) via CTRL+Click. (?) [136]

Settings Tab

  • [5.0] More randomizer fine-control. (Randomization enhancements in FF5)[137][138]
  • [5.0] Locking controls to exclude them from randomization. (Randomization enhancements in FF5) [139][140]
  • Random Variation from Photoshop; FF starts up with a random variation value, so that each run from photoshop is unique.[141]

Presets Tab

  • Ability to name presets. (Planned) [142][143][144]
  • [6.0] Reorder presets via drag & drop. [145]
  • Ability to change parameters for multiple selected presets simultaneously. (?) [146]
  • More than 20 factory presets per filter. (Considered) [147]

Lighting Tab

  • Lighting Presets. (?) [148][149]
  • Ability to choose, omit, and set parameters of all lighting schemes to be used in ramdomization. (?)
  • Ability to set parameters of lighting controls and include with filter controls. (?)

About Tab

  • Ability to rename filter/edit filter info without launching editor. (?) [150]
  • Make author's name a hyperlink to 'All filters of that author' page. (Planned) [151]


  • Open current render as external image (without having to save the image and then load it back in). (?) [152][153]
  • [7.0] Copy rendered image to clipboard. [154]
  • Override Button: Force Anti-Aliasing to Always On/Always Off. (Considered) [155]
  • Override Button: Force Seamless Tiling to Always On/Always Off. (Considered) [156]

Submit Wizard

  • Replace filter in submission queue. (?) [157]


General Usability

  • Provide an easier way to add snippet content to the workspace. (?) [158]
  • Readability enhancements for the node-graph (i.e. crossing connections, connections running under components, etc). (?) [159]

Flexible UI & Resizable Panels

  • Ability to minimize program window when in Filter Editor view. (Planned) [160]

Render Diagnostics

  • [2.0] Render time display for the filter. (Balloon pop-up notification and Message Log both show render times in FF 2.0) [161]
  • Render time display for single components. (?) [162][163]
  • Sample count display for components (Sample Render Diagnostics). (?) [164]
  • Separate 'diagnostic' executable of FF. (?) [165]

Render Preview

  • [3.0] Large Preview. (Flexible UI with resizable Panels in FF 3.0) [166]
  • Preview Size > Reduced option inside the Filter Editor. (?) [167][168]
  • [3.0] Resizeable Preview. (Flexible UI with resizable Panels in FF 3.0) [169]
  • Floatable/dockable Preview. (?) [170]
  • Single Channel Display Hotkey Toggles (only R or G or B or A). [171]


  • Ability to split the workspace. (?) [172]


  • Collapsing/minimizing components. (Prototyped, tested and rejected) [173]
  • Mute/Passthrough mode for components. (?) [174][175]
  • Locking components from editing (paramter values, connections, position). (?) [176][177]
  • Double-click slider title on the settings tab to quickly locate coresponding component. (Planned) [178][179]
  • Add components via dropdown menu or context menu. (Overhaul of component panel planned)


  • Disable connection. (Considered) [180]
  • Duplicate connection arrow. (Planned) [181]
  • Highlight outgoing connections of selected component. (Considered). [182]
  • Push-pin/null/pass-thru component to 'bend' connections. (Considered) [183][184]
  • Ctrl+Click to copy node and existing inputs. (?)
  • Allow mousewheel scroll zoom while holding output arrow. (?)


  • Switch foreground/background inputs of the Blend component via hotkey. (Planned) [185]


  • Multi-Output-Components. (?) [186]

Reconnectors [ A generic mechanism for the auto-replacement of components and their existing connections ] [187]

"The Reconnector is an internal object of the Filter Editor which purpose is to maintain connections to inputs of customizable components when their interface is changed. For example, if I add or remove an input from the Script Component, the Reconnector will attempt to preserve connections rather than just disconnecting them all as FF currently does."
-- Vladimir Golovin
  • Update selected obsolete component (while keeping connections and remappings intact) as a component context-menu option. (Considered) [188]
  • Update all obsolete components in a filter option (keeping connections intact). (Considered) [189][190]
  • Drag&Drop component into an existing connection between two nodes, automatically connecting inputs/outputs. (Planned) [191][192][193]
  • Lift component from a connection without destroying the data stream. (Planned) [194]
  • Replace one component with another, intelligently reconnecting inputs and outputs. (?) [195]
  • Replace all instances of a component with another, intelligently reconnecting inputs and outputs. (?) [196]

Component Grouping [ a.k.a. "Custom Components", "Meta Components", "Composite Components" "Sub-Routines", "Containers", "Capsules" ]

"Grouping is definitely a must-have feature, but alas it won't make it into V2.0. Architecturally, grouping is entangled with a number of other high-impact features, which all require quite a lot of design and programming effort."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Grouping is on high-priority on our list, but it won't be included into FF3.0. However, FF3.0 will contain (actually already contains) many infrastructural improvements that will pave the way for full-blown grouping in future releases (hopefully FF4.0). Under full-blown grouping I mean the ability to "build" your own components with custom inputs from Filter Forge's stock components, not just boxing and naming them."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Groups are the second-biggest rewrite of FF codebase (the biggest one was the Mac version)."
-- Vladimir Golovin
  • [4.0] Component Grouping & Component Group Instancing. [197][198][199][200][201][202][203][204][205]
  • [4.0] 'Order of controls' dialog for Group Components. [206][207]
  • Provide a browser inside the Filter Editor for drag&drop access and filtering/sorting/categorizing of Component Groups (possibly redesigning the Component Bar?). (?) [208][209][210]
  • Address community online-sharing of Component Groups. (?) [211]
  • Ability to add comments to Groups. (Planned) [212]
  • Make Filter Controls accessible from within Groups. (?) [213][214]
  • User-defined Help pages for Group Components. (?) [215]

Filter Properties

  • [2.0] Disable 'Size, pixels' control slider on Filter Settings tab. [216]
  • [2.0] Disable 'Variation' control slider on Filter Settings tab. [217]
  • [2.0] Disable 'Randomizer' (or certain kinds of randomization) on Filter Settings tab. (Randomizer can be turned off completely in FF 2.0) [218]

Filter Controls

  • [5.0] Randomization Lock for Controls. [219][220][221] [222]
  • Control ghosting (disabling) for 'inactive/unused' controls (i.e. controls on inactive switch branches). (Planned, low priority) [223][224][225]

Order of Controls Form

  • Rename controls from within the Order of Controls form. (?) [226]
  • Support drag & drop. (Planned) [227]
  • Select multiple controls to move them at once. (Planned) [228]
  • Organizational elements: Dividers/Separators, Frames/Groups, Title line, Help text. (Considered) [229][230][231][232]
  • Organizational elements: Dividing the Filter Controls into sub-categories. (?) [233]


  • [2.0] Global Force Seamless Tiling to Always On/Off option. (FF 2.0 introduces Disabled (i.e. Always Off) override, but Always On is still missing) [234]



  • [5.0] Ability to set component presets (default values). [235][236][237][238][239]
  • [5.0] Ability to reset component parameter values to zero/neutral. [240]
  • Selection of color ranges. (Considered)

Comments & Notes

  • Comments/Notes for components. (Planned, low priority) [241][242][243][244]
  • Comments/Notes for component groups. (Planned) [245]

Global Component Parameters

  • Ability to disable the effect of Size on a per-component basis. (?) [246][247][248][249]
  • Ability to disable the effect of Variation on a per-component basis. (?) [250][251]
  • Ability to disable the effect of Seamless Tiling on a per-component basis. (?) [252][253]
  • Ability to specify target image bounds on a per-component basis. (?) [254]
  • User-selectable methods of handling samples beyond the image bounds (wrap, mirror, extend etc). (?) [255]

Adjustment Components


  • Additional Desaturate methods (Brightest, Darkest, Median). (?) [256]


  • Hue/Saturation (HDR). (Technically difficult) [257]


  • Exposure (HDR) component. (?) [258]
  • Normalize (HDR) component. (?) [259]
  • HDR Offset component. (Unlikely. Can use Add component) [260]
  • Tonemap (HDR) component (?) [261]

Channel Components

External Components

Average Color

  • Average Color (HDR). (Technically difficult) [264]


  • Separate controls for inner and outer corners. (?) [265]
  • NGon corners, asymmetrical frames, square fit. (?) [266]
  • Fit contents option. (?) [267]


  • Image component: Embedding external images into filters. (Not planned) [268][269]

Maximum Level

  • Maximum Level (HDR). (Technically difficult) [270]

Minimum Level

  • Minimum Level (HDR). (Technically difficult) [271]


  • Do not show "This filter requires a selection" notification when Selection component is on an inactive filter tree branch. (?) [272][273]

Gradient Components

  • 'Fixed' and 'Proportional' options for gradients (i.e. options to make gradients independent of 'Size, pixels' and Image Aspect). (Considered) [274][275]
  • More Gradients (radial, angle, diamond, box). (probably on low priority, as they can be assembled using other components) [276]
  • [2.0] Angular/Radial Gradient. (Free Gradient implemented in 2.0) [277]

Noise Components

"People will always want more, even when they already have what they ask. Many of these [noise] generators can be easily made in the current version of Filter Forge."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"[...] any imaginable noise can be made with Lua (correct me if I'm wrong). Do you really want to divert the developers' attention to a task that can be accomplished by the community?"
-- GMM

[ Note: With the arrival of the Bomber component in v2.0 the need to introduce new noise components is practically zero, so we'll consider the current feature requests regarding noise components as 'officially shot down'! ]

  • More Noise Types. (Unlikely. You can make tons of noises by using profile inputs, input mapping, noise distortion, etc. and by using the Bomber component in v2.0!) [278]
  • Noise types that are much more regular variants of the standard perlin/worley types. (Unlikely!) [279]
  • Probability Maps for Worley-based noises. (Unlikely for noises, but confirmed for Bombers in v2.0!) [280]
  • Library of official noises built by FF Inc. (Not planned) [281][282]
  • Rectangular Noise. (Unlikely?) [283]

Pattern Components

"Our codebase for pattern components is currently based on rounded rectangles, and to introduce hexagonal tiling (or any tiling based on non-rectangular polygons) will require a new codebase. We'll probably rewrite it in the future, but this is currently a low-priority item."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"Yes, we'd like to see fractal generators in Filter Forge."
-- Vladimir Golovin

[ Note: With the implementation of LUA scripting in 2.0, FF's custom pattern generation capabilities are greatly enhanced -- many of the pattern component feature requests below might become obsolete over time as the community develops custom script solutions for them!]


  • [2.0] Bomber (i.e. particle placement component). [284][285][286][287]
  • Ability to specify Particle Pivot X and Y. (?) [288]
  • Bomber particles and particle trails acting on image- and gradient-based forcefields. (Considered, but appears unlikely with the current implementation of Bombers in v2.0!) [289]
  • [5.0] N-particles Bomber. (implemented via Bomber+ and Map Switch components) [290]
  • Option to force Bomber to apply Tint/Opacity/Rotation prior to any offset that may change the value sampling location. (?) [291]
  • [5.0] Tint Chaos option. (effectively possible with the Bomber+ component) [292]
  • Option to control the order of transformations (i.e. Scale then Rotate OR Rotate then Scale). (?) [293]
  • Depth Tint option (i.e. "Fog") (?) [294]

Bricks / Pavements / Tiles

  • Fix Bricks, Pavement, Tiles to also run vertical, to be consistent w/ other nodes. (?) [295]
  • More Tilings. (Considered) [296]


  • [2.0] Polygon (Ngon/star geometric primitives generator). [297][298]
  • [2.0] Spiral/Vortex. (Capability of the new Polygon component) [299]


Processing Components


  • [3.0] Blur, Wind (i.e. uni-directional blur). (Functionality of the Smudge component in FF3.0) [310]
  • [3.0] Edge Detect (Sobel). [311][312][313]
  • Edge Detect: More kernel options (prewitt, scharr, costella). (Considered) [314]
  • Edge Detect: Output modes Horizontal only, Vertical only, Directions (edge direction angle). (Considered) [315]
  • [2.0] Median filter. [316][317]
  • [2.0] Minimum/Maximum (Erode/Dilate filter). [318]
  • Smudge: 'Composite Source' option (i.e. Trail over Source / Trail only). (?) [319]


  • Autoblend (i.e. automagically blend all inputs equally, no matter how many connected). (?) [320]
  • Average Color with Map Input (as opposed to the existing Average Color, which always works on the source Image). (Unlikely) [321][322]
  • Bitmap (i.e. render procedural signal to bitmap). (?) [323]
  • [Lua] Blur, Mapped (aka 'Depth Blur'). (Planned and already prototyped, but slow) [324][325] FILTER
  • [Lua] Blur, Radial. (?) [326] FILTER
  • Blur, Bilateral\Surface. (?)
  • Blur, Shape. (?) [327]
  • Blur, Smart (i.e. egde preserving). (Considered)
  • Crop. (?) [328][329]
  • Delaunay Triangulation. (?) [330][331]
  • Diffusion, Anistropic. (?) [332]
  • Erosion. (?) [333][334]
  • Extrude component (probably redundant once we get an Iterator component). (?) [335]
  • Grid Warp. (?) [336]
  • [2.0] Illumination/Lighting component. (Partially implemented via the Derivative component.) [337]
  • Keyer (luma/chroma). (?)
  • Motion Trail. (?) [338]
  • Multiblend with blend modes. (Might be a possibility with the introduction of uber-tall components like the Bomber) [339]
  • [2.0] Normal map node. Converts heightmap to X,Y, or Z slope (normal) channels. (Partially implemented via the Derivative component.) [340]
  • Pixelize, 'True' (i.e. averaging an entire 'square' vs. sampling a single pixel from it). (Considered) [341]</span>
  • Reflection component. (Considered and rejected) [342]
  • Region-based Gradient component. (Highly desirable, but technically difficult and on low priority) [343]
  • [Lua] Shadows, raytraced. (Considered and rejected) [344] FILTER
  • Switch, Per-pixel. (Considered) [345]
  • Outer Glow, similar to Photoshop. (?) [346]

RGB Math Components

[ Arithmetic, power, root, logarithmic, trigonometric, rounding, conditional and other channel-wise math operations ]

  • [2.0] RGB Math. (24 RGB Math components introduced in 2.0) [347][348]
  • [2.0] Derivative. (Derivative component introduced in 2.0) [349]
  • [2.0] Switch, Conditional Logic. (Implemented via the If component) [350]
  • Clamp (HDR) component. (Unlikely. Can use If component)
  • Clip (HDR) component. (Unlikely. Can use inactive Invert component) [351]
  • Normalize (HDR) component. (?) [352]
  • Process Alpha option for math components. (?) [353]

Transform Components

  • [2.0] Lookup (aka Absolute Offset or X/Y Remap). [354][355]
  • Polar Coordinates transformation (and the reverse). (Considered) [356][357][358]
  • [2.0] Repeat. (Functionality of the Scale component in 2.0) [359]
  • [2.0] Rotate. [360]
  • [2.0] Scale. [361]

Curve & Curve Ops Components

[ Note: With the implementation of the Curve Script component in 2.0, many of the curve component feature requests below might become obsolete as the community develops script-based solutions!]


  • [3.0] Bezier Curve (i.e. user editable curve type). [362]
  • Arc-curve that extends past 90 deg (Lamé curve). (Planned) [363]
  • Inverse Sine Curve. (?) [364]

Curve Ops -/-

Curve Editor

  • Randomizer for the Bezier Curve Editor. (?) [365]

Advanced Components


Curve Script [See the section on Scripting below]

Map Script [See the section on Scripting below]

Control Components

  • Math for controls. (Planned) [374]
  • Slider with biased value distribution. (Planned, low priority) [375]
  • List Control/Dropdown selector for dropdown menues. (Put on hold/possibly scrapped?) [376][377]
  • Control Ops: Randomize. (?) [378]
  • Integer option for Value Control. (?) [379]
  • Range option for Value Control. (?) [380]
  • Randomization for Curve Controls. (?) [381]
  • Hover text/tooltips for filter controls. (Considered) [382][383][384][385]


  • Ability to customize value ranges of sliders appearing on the Filter Control Tab. (?)
  • Dynamic min/max limits for control sliders, based on the values that other sliders can get at runtime. (Considered) [386]

New Component Types

Vector Components


"Yes, implementing scripting has its problems, but this is the perfect way to achieve 'functional completeness' without spawning tons of components. As for the language, I think Lua is the best candidate."
-- Vladimir Golovin


  • Blend function design improvements. (?) [392]

Input Editor -/-

Script Components

Script Editor

  • [3.0] Ability to resize Script Editor. [411]
  • Search in script's body [412]
  • Highlight selection (same way as notepad++ does) [413]
  • Row numbers [414]

Error Reporting

  • Add coordinates to LUA errors. (?) [415]
  • Better script error messages. (?) [416]


General Infrastructure

"[...] a complete redesign of the Filter Library infrastructure, both on the server and the client side. This is one of the most requested features. We haven't yet decided on priorities for FF4.0, but I think this will get a top priority."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"[...] actually, the filter storage is one of the most badly designed systems in the entire project. We'd very much like to rewrite it, but that's at least 6 months of work (mostly because it's closely tied to the Filter Library). Since the library also badly needs rewriting, it is likely that we'll redesign both systems at once -- but most likely it won't happen in v2.0."
-- Vladimir Golovin
"[...] Well, if you ask me, I'd rather get rid of categories completely -- in favor of tagging and tag clouds."
-- Vladimir Golovin
  • Redesign of Filter Library infrastructure, possibly migrating from categories to a tag-based system. (High priority) [417]
  • More Library Categories. (?) [418]
  • Filter Search stats page. (?) [419]
  • 'Sandbox' category as a public filter testing ground. (?) [420]

Quality Assurance & Rating / Ranking Systems

  • Quality Coefficients for authors (i.e. ratio of submitted filters to popular filters and editor's picks). (Considered) [421]
  • Per-filter User Ratings. (?) [422]
  • Provide submission incentives beyond "lifetime upgrades" for advanced/veteran filter authors. (?) [423][424][425]

Filter Library Front Page

  • Include author names with filter thumbnails and filter names. [426]
  • Random Filter button (pulls up a completely random filter from the library). (?) [427]
  • Random tab in filters section. (?) [428]
  • Recent High Usage tab in filters section. (?) [429]

Filter Pages

  • Include author name along with filter title. (Considered)
  • Add 'Next Preset' and 'Previous Preset' buttons to a filter's Seamless Tiling preview pages. (?) [430]
  • Rendering Speed Classification for Library Filter showing on filter details page. (Considered, but unlikely) [431]

Filter Comment Threads

  • Grant filter author control over "Comments on Filters" thread. (No. This should be handled via support requests.) [432]
  • "Comments on Filters" thread title should update when filter name is changed. (Planned)

Filter Author Pages [aka "All Filters by this author"]

  • Introduce 'Featured', 'Popular', 'Recent', 'All Filters by Category' and 'Snippet' tabs, similar to Filter Library. (Redesign/Improvements planned) [433]
  • 'Add This Author to Favorite Authors' & 'Ignore Filters by This Author' options. (Considered) [434]
  • 'Download All Filters By This Author' option. (Considered) [435]

User-centric Pages (per Account)

  • Personalization of the Filter Library: Favorites, ignore lists, notifications on new submissions, EPs, filters turned Popular, etc. (Considered) [436]
  • User tags and tag-clouds. (?) [437]
  • Mark filter as 'unwanted' (i.e. filter blacklist). (Considered) [438]
  • Favorite filters page (with option to make public). (?) [439]
  • Ability to download all favorite filters at once. (Planned) [440]


  • Version independence. (Not planned) [441]
  • Automatic/manual (free) updates to Library Backup. (Not planned)[442]


  • Photo gallery for filters. (Gallery section has been introduced to the website) [443][444]



  • Customizable Timezones (per-account) for the forums. [445]
  • Polls feature. (Not planned) [446]
  • Ignore forum thread/user (Interested, but not possible currently) [447]

Your Reward Points Page

  • Display a list of the rewards already claimed. (?) [448]
  • Display the list of filters that got High Usage. (?) [449]
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