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User HDRI Maps

When using a surface shader, FilterForge can utilize an environment map (or a spherical, panoramic HDR image) to produce realistic lighting effects. These are found under the lighting tab. You can also import additional environment maps into FilterForge for use. Here you can download several environment maps created by the FilterForge community. Please note that these environments are available courtesy of the authors.

Important Notice: There are two image files in the zip package, one at 1000x500 and the other at 400x200. It is highly recommended to load the 400x200px images in, given FilterForge's HDRI import takes a fair amount of time. The 1000x500 resolution versions are provided if anybody is interested in high resolution reflections, however importing will take time! Be sure to choose your target.


Image:Sky TileRoomHDR011000x500.jpg Created by Skybase. Uses Vladimir Golovin's Decorative Tiles!

Download Tile Room 01 HDRI images

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