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GF Landscape Gen version Rocky Mountains 1.1

GF Landscape Gen version Rocky Mountains 1.1 (Texture)

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0

This filter does not support seamless tiling.


Variation 1Variation 2Variation 3Variation 4Variation 5Variation 6Variation 7Variation 8

This is one of over 6274 textures generated by Filter Forge, a Photoshop plugin that allows you to create your own filters.

With Filter Forge, you can:

  • change the look of this texture easily;
  • browse through its 30,000 variations;
  • get a normal map for a 3D model.

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To open this filter, you must have Filter Forge 4.0 or higher installed on your computer. If you don't have it installed yet, click here to download Filter Forge

Author: Ghislaine

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 502
  • Requires Filter Forge 4.0
  • Submitted: Oct 06, 2015
  • Usage Rank: Average
  • Comments (16)


This filter generates a lot of landscapes as winterscapes. As some users ungroup the groups to see how is the filter's contruction, I didn't group nothing in this filter for this reason. Fast enough for a complexe filter. Come with 20 presets. There is a lot of controls, but this will allow more landscapes. This filter is better with rectangular images, not squared images. For more examples not shown in the variations, go to Ghislaine's Novelties.


GF, landscape generator, winterscape, winter, ice, snow, glacier, crevice, sky, moon, sunset, clouds, daylight, night, icescape, desert, waterfall

Filter Controls

  • Moon On / Off
  • Moon Style-Origin X
  • Moon Style-Origin Y
  • Sky Color 1
  • Sky Color 2
  • Sky Move X
  • Sky Move Y
  • Sky Direction 1
  • Sky Direction 2
  • Sky Direction 3
  • Sky Direction 4
  • Sky Mode
  • Invert Sky Colors
  • Clouds Colors 1
  • Clouds Color 2
  • Clouds Stretch
  • Clouds Roughness
  • Clouds Contrast
  • More or Less Clouds
  • Night Fall Color
  • Night Fall Opacity
  • Select a Rocky
  • Rockies Color 1
  • Rockies Color 2
  • Rock Size
  • Rock Roughness
  • Rock Angle
  • Rock Origin X
  • Rock Origon Y
  • Rocky 1,4 Opacity
  • Shadow Direction 1,4
  • Rockies 3,4 Height
  • Rockies Scale
  • Rockies Squash
  • Rockies Gamma
  • Rockies Move X
  • Rockies Move Y
  • Flip X
  • Gaussian
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Max Trail
  • Rockies Mode