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No new posts General Discussion 1530 14947 topic: Is Category Change P...
author: CaliCoastReplay
No new posts Creating Filters 889 12082 topic: Seamless Pentagonal ...
author: Ramlyn
No new posts Scripting 89 1011 topic: Non square image vs ...
author: Zoltan Erdokovy
No new posts Beta 5.0 567 4498 topic: Version 5 64bit?
author: Skybase
No new posts Bugs and Problems (Windows) 845 5667 topic: Updates category in ...
author: Roberto Muscia
No new posts Bugs and Problems (Mac) 291 1705 topic: Filter forge no long...
author: Skybase
No new posts Feature Wishlist 1198 8124 topic: Reaction Diffusion P...
author: Neil Blevins
No new posts Comments on Filters 4881 43219 topic: Light : Partially Su...
author: DJI
No new posts User Gallery 1123 22160 topic: Illusion Fields
author: xirja
No new posts Offtopic 341 11400 topic: Call for Participati...
author: Guenter Bachelier

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