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Snake Scales by kurts

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Charles Bridge Prague Charles Bridge Prague by Stavros Papadopoulos
Clowning around Clowning around by Gary Howe
Christmas Cactus Christmas Cactus by Jane Noel
Baba Yaga hut Baba Yaga hut by geekatplay
Another Street Another Street by Skybase
Watercolor Venice Watercolor Venice by Kochubey
White Blossums 09 White Blossums 09 by Kraellin

Class is going REALLY well! They are loving your stuff.

(after showing Filter Forge to a class at Adobe MAX 2009)

Russell Brown
Senior Creative Director
Adobe Inc.

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“I do think you guys are likely the best software company I've ever had dealings with.”

Ian Davis
Digital Artist

“It's a powerful and logical way of creating effects that's relatively easy to learn by seeing how other effects are built. Creating filters from scratch is time-consuming, but for a wider user group, it's a great way to modify already-created effects.”

Neil Bennett
Digital Arts

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