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WormCraft (tm)

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Author: Crapadilla

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 6576
  • Submitted: Nov 17, 2008
  • Usage Rank: High
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Believe it or not, wood-worms practice fine arts too. Yup, they're master sculptors. Bring them a motif, and they'll eat it into their delicious wood with glee. But beware! Keep an eye on them, always. Those little buggers are ravenous, and your precious piece of sculpture may very much dissolve into wormtrails before your eyes.My gratitude to Tatiana Kochubey for showing us so many beautiful ways into the woods. I wouldn't have found those wood-worms without your pioneering work.Tips:- The 'Extraction Channel' slider sets the extraction 'mode' used to generate the relief height for the sculpt layers. It supports HSB (1-3), Lab (4-6) and RGB (7-9) channel extraction, as well as L (10) of HSL and Y (11) of HSY. Not every channel works well with every image, so be sure to experiment.- Use the Surface Height setting to exaggerate the fine wood fibre detail for a more eroded look.


sculpture old weathered wood hardwood bark tree oak ash pine mahogany worm worm-eaten carve carving wavy trails holes vermin vermiculate


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Filter Controls

  • Extraction Channel
  • Wood Color
  • Wood Contrast
  • Wood Pattern Scale
  • Wood Pattern Stretch
  • Sculpt Layers
  • Worm-Eaten
  • Worm-Eat Scale
  • Worm-Eat Chaos