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Slate Flooring

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Author: Crapadilla

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 9970
  • Submitted: Jan 21, 2008
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (53)


Interior decoration has never been more stylish! With our top-quality slate flooring and cladding tiles, straight from the finest slate quarries around the world, your interior spaces will rejoice again. Bring that classic timelessness and ancient monumentality to all your architectural designs, be it sprawling mansions, thermal baths, vast underground lairs, ancient temples or alien pyramids.Tips:- Three types of tilings are available: Pavements, Tiles and Bricks, with an 'Irregular Tiling' variant for each.- 'Slate Detail' controls the detail of the slate surface. Higher values slightly increase the render-time. - Handle 'Slate Layers' with care: Using 3 layers produces more interesting micro-detail, but more than doubles render-times!- 'Fast Slate' produces more homogenous surface looks, but can render up two 2x faster.- 'Color Seed' controls color noise detail across the surface.- On larger images, the 'Seam Width' setting can be lowered to achieve finer seams.


stone rock marble slate quartzite flooring wall cladding paneling covering roofing building interior decoration architecture tile brick pavement carve


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Filter Controls

  • Slate Layers
  • Slate Detail
  • Fast Slate
  • Slate Color
  • Color Seed
  • Hue Chaos
  • Saturation Chaos
  • Lightness Chaos
  • Slate Chisel Type
  • Paves/Tiles/Bricks
  • Irregular Tiling
  • Bond (Paves/Bricks)
  • Brick Type (Bricks)
  • Paving Chaos
  • Seam Width
  • Height Chaos