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Knitting Patterns

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Author: Constantin Malkov

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 9060
  • Submitted: Aug 04, 2008
  • Usage Rank: High
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Knitting PatternsGenerates patterns for knitwear. Based on expanded "Knitted Fabric" filter and mixed with Vladimir Golovin's "Comic Book" which is using for posterization of inserted images.Controls' Tips:> The most of controls are multifuctional. That means one control have different functions.> PATTERNS:1) Image2) Single color3) Tricolor4) Noise5) Argyle> Controls marked by star (*) - PATTERN #1 ("Posterizer") and PATTERN #4 controls. > Color 1:- main color for all patterns (except #1)> Color 4:- sets color for the thin line in PATTERN #5 and switched on black (B<0.01) removes it- sets contrast degree for PATTERN #4> If the "Posterize" control in the PATTERN #5 is switched on it makes the thin line having difference color or single color if switched off.


Knitted Fabric, Knitting, Cloth, Knitwear, Sweater, Socks, Cap, Intarsia, Argyle Pattern, Wool, ...


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Filter Controls

  • Color 1
  • Color 2
  • Color 3
  • Color 4
  • Sharpen Amount
  • Hue Range
  • Lightness Range
  • Saturation Range
  • Simple 'Noise'
  • Splitted Fibres
  • Fabric Distortion
  • Fibres Roughness
  • Repeat
  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • *Posterize
  • *Steps
  • *Soften // H
  • *Edge Amount // L
  • *Edge Opacity // S
  • *Detail // Roughness
  • *Balance // Scale