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Fake Buzz

Fake Buzz (Effect)Original Image

This filter requires Filter Forge 2.0


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Author: Gene S Morgan

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 3007
  • Requires Filter Forge 2.0
  • Submitted: Sep 02, 2010
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (18)


A nice commercial filter that is no longer available is Buzz Simplifier. This filter attempts to recreate that filter. It simplifies the image without over posterizing or blurring it. It smoothes out the colors and allows you to emphasize the edge detail. The image does not lose too much definition unless you want it that way. I have also included an outliner, which can be turned off or on, to add a richness and graphic look. This is an imitation of combining simplification and outline to make an image pop that I have been using on many of my images for a decade. It is nice to have it all in one filter rather than many steps with filters and actions as I had to use in the past. This filter was only possible after FF version 2 was introduced. TIP … The pixel size slider is great for tweaking and improving the results.


smooth, detail, buzz, outline, graphic, art, edge detail, ink, Buzz Simplifier


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Filter Controls

  • Smooth
  • Color Detail
  • Smooth Edge Detail
  • Outline
  • Ink Intensity
  • Saturation
  • Light/Dark