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Wall of Fleur de Lis

This is one of over 6274 textures generated by Filter Forge, a Photoshop plugin that allows you to create your own filters.

With Filter Forge, you can:

  • change the look of this texture easily;
  • browse through its 30,000 variations;
  • get a normal map for a 3D model.

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To open this filter, you must have Filter Forge 2.0 or higher installed on your computer. If you don't have it installed yet, click here to download Filter Forge

Author: CFandM

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 2029
  • Requires Filter Forge 2.0
  • Submitted: Sep 07, 2010
  • Usage Rank: Low
  • Comments (10)


Wall of Fleur de Lis is a quick method for creating relief patterns on walls..Just simply replace the shapes with your own designs or edit the shape that is already there in the filter...Note..Some patterns do not work well with the size, pixels slider..


Fleur de Lis, wall, relief, pattern, texture, building, stone, stucco

Filter Controls

  • Bevel Amount
  • Wall Roughness