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Filter Forge turns 1 today

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Filter Forge, Inc.
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Remember how it was? smile;)

Filter Forge Plugin for Adobe Photoshop Enters Public Beta Testing

May 25, 2006

Alexandria, VA, USA (May 25th, 2006) – Filter Forge, Inc., a newcomer to the Photoshop plugin market, today released a public beta version of Filter Forge, a high-end plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® allowing computer artists to build their own filters...

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Wow only one year old and look how your baby has grown up instead of crawling, burping and just being an overal danger to itself and others yours I think imediatly started doing gymnastice by wich it lept way past anything the compitition is offering

In other words It was impressive then and even more so now
Congrats all
lets all whine for a wine port
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Darn you beat me to it Bella..I was gonna post but then I got tied up in other things so I couldn't...So CONGRATS to all the FF team for keeping everyones creative interest for a year....and many more to come.. smile:) Many more versions of FF also smile:?: smile:D

I still remember submitting my first crummy filter....
Stupid things happen to computers for stupid reasons at stupid times!
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FF = 1 year older; vlad = 10 years older smile;)

congrats, FF team smile:D
If wishes were horses... there'd be a whole lot of horse crap to clean up!

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+4 Congrats FF smile:) smile:) smile:)

"Buzzards gotta eat...same as worms..." - Clint :)
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Happy anniversary/birthday, FF. You guys are all totally awesome!!! smile:)

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Xyni says "Maximum w00tness!"

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Happy Birthday Filter Forge! It's so nostalgic to read the article about the beta -- oh wait, I wasn't around back then, ahaha -- but for some reason it feels like I was ^_^ Filter Forge has delivered everything it's promised since then and so much more, I look forward with great anticipation to see what Filter Forge at two years grows to achieve!
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c r v a

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I wasn't at the birth but I'm glad to be at the first birthday and look forward to the many birthdays ahead, ff is fantastic, congratulation to all at ff smile:ff: smile:loveff: smile:ff:
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Vladimir Golovin
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Kraellin wrote:
vlad = 10 years older

You're not far from the truth smile:)

An there is an interesting coincidence -- the idea of Filter Forge is also 10 years old. It first occurred to me around 1996/1997.
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lvl 52 Filter Weaver and Official "Filter Forge Seer"

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So it was YOUR brainchild after all! smile:)
--- Crapadilla says: "Damn you, stupid redundant feature requests!" ;)
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Vladimir Golovin wrote:
An there is an interesting coincidence -- the idea of Filter Forge is also 10 years old. It first occurred to me around 1996/1997.

----Alright, Vlad wins then ha-ha, I didn't think of it til about 2003 or so, after seeing the Reaktor and Synthedit programs for making audio plug ins in a graphic modular environment. And well, I never made the program, just thought it was a logical high-tech next step for making Photoshop filters.
----Congrats on getting the first version done and out there, hopefully it gets noticed and inspires the next generation of Photoshop type graphic coders. KPT's are few and far between, and FF could be the next big thing, always tough to tell what's going to catch on eh. smile:)

Filter Forger
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You're not far from the truth
hehehe, trust me, i have some idea smile:)

and if you're ever up for a somewhat unique software program idea, i've got one or two smile:)
If wishes were horses... there'd be a whole lot of horse crap to clean up!

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Congrats and keep up improving FF smile:)
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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
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Has it been another year already? Time proceeds * when you're having fun tweaking with FilterForge smile;)

* procedural

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