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SecondLife Gold Textures

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This might sound really dumb to you heavy hitters out in the FF World, but I make simple objects for a game called 2nd Life (mainly jewelry). I have tried and tried and looked and looked and I can't find a decent Gold Texture that shows up well in SecondLife. I know a texture exists, cause RYNC Jewelry has it, he developed it or someone did it for him.

How about one of you Gurus come up with something? This isn't as simple as it sounds. I've tried all the Gold textures in FF Library and they simply don't work. I tried making a few of my own and they didn't work.
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c r v a

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what is that makes it work for you, that's not working with all the gold textures in the library?
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Can't script

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Yeah, if you could post some images for us who only have our 1st lives, to compare between what's working and what's not smile:)
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