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External Images.

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Texture Artist
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Hi there,

One of my artists uses Filter Forge, and we've both been trying to figure out how he can use the External Image component. Based on what I've read here in the forums, this functionality does not seem to work the way I envisioned it would (which is causing some flak between my artist and myself). I pictured that he could use the node to call up a previously-created jpg/bmp/png image and use it in the workflow to create a new image. He claims he just can't get it to work. Naturally I just tell him to try it again smile:D

Are we missing something, or does this functionality just not function at this juncture in time?

Any reasonable explanation will surely put our dispute to rest, one way or another smile:D


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Well, the module named *Image*, just needs to be plugged in, which it is in all but the texture filters (and even with some of those it is), and then you just select *File*, and *Open Image*, in the stand alone version of Filter Forge. Not sure exactly what you are trying to do with it that it is not doing, maybe try adding some information to your question, and someone can get a better idea of where yer running into problems. smile:)

Filter Forger
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The problem I am having with this is that even the open image function dont work.
I go to file/open image and get the menu to load a new image, I select my image and I get the lil loading popup. Then I get nothing, the same filter that was in there before is still there. no image nothing.
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Filter Forge, Inc
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Melissa, a loaded image can be seen only in the so-called 'effect' filters. Categories like 'Creative', 'Distortions', 'Frames' and 'Photo' contain such filters. Select one of them, e.g. 'Creative' > 'Crossblur', and then open an image via 'File' > 'Open'.
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Toob, welcome to FF.

you cannot open an image in the workflow. all the image component does is display an image that you've opened in the main user interface. you cannot use the image component to actually open an image.

if you have an image open in the main display and then go into the editor, you'll see in the little preview window of the image component a display of the image you opened in the main interface. that's it.

you can then plug the image component into other components and alter the inputted image via the various other effects of the components. but you cant input a new image directly into the image component from the editor interface.

and, you can only have one imported image open at a time in filter forge. hopefully, down the road, this will be expanded so that you can have more than one, but not now.
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