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Galaxy Exploration

Galaxy Exploration by BetisGalaxy Exploration by Betis

Galaxy Exploration
by Betis, April 2009.
Tools: Filter Forge, XnView

Author's Comments

The year is 2386, and your family has saved up to go on a space cruise on the G.E Betilimius. You, being a bored and sultry teenager, wish you could just stay home and make filters all day. You beg and you bribe, but your parents wont give in to your inept trickery. You board the ship with a most downcast attitude, and delve into boredom, and eventually fall asleep. A few hours later your little sister wakes you up by giving you the WETTEST wet-willy you've experienced. You are about to yell at her, but then you look outside a window (a passing glance) and see Syrilax, a planet home to just under 3 billion Werbins, seemingly frozen in time in front of a the Qui Nebula. Your anger melts away and your eyes glaze over as your visual stimulus is being treated to the most deluxe package of beauty they have ever had the chance to experience. You can't wait to go next year.

This picture uses my not-yet-submitted update of Galaxy Explorer, along with my Soft Glow filter. Other filters used in this library are my WindowGen, Window Refract, and Generic Photo Alterations.

I originally rendered the image at 990x990, for tiling reasons, and then cropped it using XnView, a free image adjustment program.

Filters Used in This Work